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Local Search

Search Google as if in another country

Legal Disclaimer

You can use Local Search for your international SEO or SEM campaigns. This tool could be used for basic understanding of how Google's results look like in a particular country. Local Search is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with Google Inc. I do not guarantee the accuracy of the presented results and am not responsible for any inaccuracies and financial or non-financial losses resulting thereof. This is a basic tool for a basic results' comparison. By using this site you agree upon all the aforementioned. If you do not agree, please discountinue using the site immediatelly.

Privacy Policy

This site does not store personal data nor typed in keywords. All action of this tool is performed by Google Search. Please refer to Google's Privacy Policy in case of privacy concerns.

Further Recommendations

If you want more accurate local results, sign out of your Google account, change your browser and clear your cookies.

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